London to Edinburgh: Thursday April 26

We landed at Heathrow terminal 5 and were told by BA staff we could clear customs so that we could see Kim. After half an hour in the queue we were told we could not clear the transit lounge. So, we went to the departure hall and waited for our delayed flight. We arrived in Edinburgh and our suitcases did not go through customs! We caught the bus into the city and walked up a hill to the apartment. Had a shower and unpacked.


We went grocery shopping, posted Kim’s wedding present and bought a data package for our SIM card. Had a wee dram at The Albanath Whisky. Our choice for this afternoon was The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve.


Dave made lamb chops with tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots for supper and we drank Canti Negroamaro Zinfandel from Puglia.
note: wine is very expensive here!


hope you have enjoyed reading about what we did on holiday!

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