Ballater to Gordons Bay: Sunday May 6

We were up bright and early to pack up. With all our shopping we are still underweight! Breakfast was a treat of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes. Dave checked out while I sorted out the bags. Our electricity cost us £21 for the week.

back to Edinburgh
back to Edinburgh

We then drove through Perth and stopped at the Powmill Milk Bar in Hook of Devon where we had an espresso each and shared a cream and jam scone (£5.70).

back to Edinburgh
back to Edinburgh

We the drove to the Falkirk Wheel and we were in time to see it work.

back to Edinburgh
back to Edinburgh

After that we drove to the airport and sat in the Servisair lounge while waiting for our flight. Our luggage has been checked straight through which is a blessing given how chaotic terminal 5 is. Edinburgh airport is a duty free zone even though we have not gone through border control. This is the same at terminal 5. Our penultimate whisky for the trip was a Talisker for Dave and a Cragganmore for me. Our flight to Heathrow was uneventful – but BA could learn a thing or two from SAA when it comes to snacks – we got a packet of chips! We tried to claim our VAT back at Heathrow but we did not have the right slip from Edradour as they do not have the slips, and Whisky Castle have not registered. After that we had a snack of sushi before heading to the correct gate for our departure. They can only tell you an hour beforehand which gate the flight is leaving from! The flight was empty so I had two seats to sleep on, and Dave had 4! What a pleasure. Sadly my diabetic meal was full of sugar – but I was given fruit from business class – real crockery and cutlery! We got through border control and collected our cases and we were out of customs within 15 minutes – another lesson for Heathrow. It was then home, after an amazingly wonderful holiday.

back to Edinburgh
back to Edinburgh

2 thoughts on “Ballater to Gordons Bay: Sunday May 6

  1. I see a lot of Magner’s. It’s a favourite of mine, too. Lovely photos, and even though the weather was chilly, you both seemed to enjoy the trip. 🙂

hope you have enjoyed reading about what we did on holiday!

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