Why Scotland?

A few years ago, when Dave and I started our annual overseas holidays, we contemplated going to the Indi 500. When I told Dave how many hours it would take us he said no ways and so we made other plans. I wanted to go to Scotland, but we looked first at going to the Spanish F1 race. We would have been able to go as VIP guests of BAR as our friend Alistair was their chief mechanic. However, we decided that if we were prepared to spend that type of money to watch a race, we may as well spend it on B&B’s. It was a good thing we did not go to the race as BAR were banned from competing in the Spanish GP that year. We ended up going to Brittany and it was after this holiday we decided to rather try and go overseas on a self catering holiday. In 2010 we asked RCI to wait list us for Scotland and in November 2010 they called to tell us they had space for us in Ballater. So, we booked! And now the time is nearly upon us to go. We will be spending three nights in Edinburgh, 2 nights on the Isle of Skye and 5 nights in Ballatar – I cannot wait!


2 thoughts on “Why Scotland?

  1. Hi Tandy! I felt transported to Scotland, what a lovely trip you had and thanks for sharing it. It reads like my journal: I always write down what I have eaten and drunk, too. One thing: after all those wee drams: what is your favourite single malt?

hope you have enjoyed reading about what we did on holiday!

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